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Air BP announces NetJets Europe 1st to purchase its ISCC PLUS certified SAF

BP’s Castellon refinery (Photo: BP)

Air BP, the international aviation fuel products and service supplier, announces its first sale of ISCC PLUS certified sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)* in Spain, one of the largest global aviation markets. Air BP’s key business aviation customer, NetJets Europe became the first to purchase the fuel starting from the beginning of July.

The SAF is supplied locally from BP’s Castellon refinery and available across the Air BP network in Spain. Waste-based sustainable feedstocks are procured by the refinery and coprocessed (together with fossil fuel), producing synthetic low-carbon fuel. SAF can then be certified using International Sustainability and Carbon Certification PLUS procedures. Coprocessing is a key step in replacing fossil fuel with renewable feedstock within refineries and helping to advance the decarbonization of transport including aviation. The ISCC PLUS certified SAF has an attributed saving of around 80 percent carbon emissions over its lifecycle compared with conventional jet fuel it replaces. This is the first time that Air BP has sold SAF using the ISCC PLUS certified method.

“We are proud to collaborate with Air BP to supply SAF for NetJets’ aircraft in Europe,” said Christian Luwisch, executive director of NetJets Europe. “This new partnership is an important next step in our ongoing commitment to reduce the environmental footprint of our company. Our owners will now benefit from this supply of SAF, which we expect to be in the region of 325,000 gallons during the first 12 months.”

Martin Thomsen, CEO of Air BP, said, “We are excited to announce our first sale of SAF in Spain, which opens up new supply opportunities in an important aviation market. We are also delighted to have the support of our customer, NetJets Europe, which demonstrates their willingness to invest in SAF to help reduce carbon emissions. We hope this announcement will encourage more customers to purchase SAF in Spain. We believe SAF is one of the aviation industry’s key routes to reducing carbon emissions, and ISCC PLUS certified SAF is the first step towards developing new refining and commercial solutions, including those that achieve CORSIA certification, to keep decarbonizing our offers for our aviation customers.”

Air BP was involved in fueling the first SAF flight by an airline in February 2008 and since then has been enabling ground-breaking test flights and investing in sustainable alternative fuels. To date Air BP has supplied SAF to more than 20 airports.

*International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS certified sustainable aviation fuel results from coprocessed renewable oil used for replacement of fossil fuel, under a mass balance basis.



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