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AGQM to offer new lab training for biodiesel analysis

The German biodiesel-quality management association AGQM, together with ASG Analytik-Service AG, is offering new laboratory training for the analysis of biodiesel and its byproducts.

The production and analysis of biodiesel is fundamentally different from that of fossil fuels.

To support the optimization of known methods or the implementation of new methods in laboratories, AGQM is offering special laboratory training, together with ASG.

The training offer is aimed at all producers and traders of biodiesel who operate their own laboratory and would like to optimize their performance in this area.

There is a choice of one-day or multiday training sessions.

The sessions can take place on site at customers’ laboratories or at ASG’s well-equipped facilities.

Possible contents can include:

  • Theoretical training in one or two test methods (e.g., when implementing a new method or changing versions)

  • Practical implementation including evaluation of the selected test methods (sample material can be provided or own samples can be used)

  • Information on quality assurance (e.g., use of QC materials, quality control charts)

  • Troubleshooting

  • If required, sending of a comparison sample to be analyzed in advance by the customer and subsequent discussion of the results on site

In advance of planning the training, prior consultation is necessary to prepare an individual offer.

More information on the training can be found here on AGQM’s website or requested via e-mail to



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