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AGQM releases latest report on biodiesel quality in Germany, Austria

The German biodiesel quality-management association AGQM has released its 2022 report on biodiesel quality.

The new report shows that biodiesel from Germany and Austria is available “in excellent quality” for use as a pure fuel or for higher blends, according to AGQM.

One of the most important tasks of AGQM is to carry out unannounced sampling at biodiesel production facilities and with traders.

In this process, samples are taken from the current production and checked for their composition.

These tests have been carried out at least three times a year throughout Germany and Austria since 2002.

The results are then published in the biodiesel-quality report.

In 66 analyzed samples with a total of 1,254 test points, only one violation of the acceptance limit was detected in 2022, according to AGQM.

This, according to the association, reflects the superior quality of the biodiesel produced by AGQM members in Germany and Austria.

“The unique quality of biodiesel is particularly evident in the especially low levels of ash forming constituents and sulfur,” AGQM stated.

These can be critical for use in vehicles and for the environment.

“With the contents found, the use of higher blends or as a pure fuel in the heavy-duty sector can be classified as unproblematic,” said Richard Wicht, managing director at AGQM. “In particular, the risk of soap and ash formation can be significantly reduced with AGQM biodiesel.”

AGQM noted that, “to avert the greatest consequences of climate change and to keep the global temperature increase as low as possible, it is essential to switch to climate-friendly fuels immediately and to use all available options. One of these options is the use of biodiesel in the transport sector.”

The high quality of biodiesel available today, as demonstrated in the new report, “means that significant savings in greenhouse-gas emissions are already possible today and in existing fleets,” the organization stated.

The detailed biodiesel-quality report and an overview table of the individual parameters can be accessed free of charge here.



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