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Aemetis implements Microsoft Dynamics ERP system to support current operations, expansion projects

Aemetis Inc. announced April 1 the design, installation and implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) system worldwide for all Aemetis operations in the U.S. and India to support current operations and expansion projects.  


The tools and processes required to operate a global company, including manufacturing, supply chain, finance and accounting, are included in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.


“The Microsoft Dynamics ERP system is designed to manage medium to large corporations and was selected specifically to provide a world-class platform for the Aemetis Biogas dairy renewable natural gas business, the planned IPO of the India biodiesel business, the construction and operation of the Riverbank sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production plant, the development of the Riverbank carbon-sequestration project, and the operation and upgrade of the Keyes ethanol plant,” the company stated.


Todd Waltz, chief financial officer of Aemetis, said, “The Microsoft Dynamics ERP system was selected after an extensive process of evaluating our evolving needs due to the rapid growth of the company. The specific requirements of our project management, construction and operations are supported by the new ERP system, as well as providing the platform for the strong internal control system necessary to support the accounting and reporting requirements of our business and capital-market initiatives.”


The India subsidiary has been allocated $150 million of biodiesel contracts by the three government-owned oil-marketing companies in India to support the 2022 National Biofuels Policy in India that has a goal of more than 1.2 billion gallons per year of biodiesel produced and consumed in India to reduce dependence on imported crude oil, improve air quality, and create domestic jobs and investment in India.


The Riverbank SAF plant was recently granted authority-to-construct air permits and is designed to produce 78 million gallons per year when allocating 100 percent of production to SAF for the aviation market, requiring an ERP system capable of managing the construction and operation of the plant.


The Aemetis biogas business has turned positive cash flow from operations and is building dairy digesters toward a goal of 75 operating digesters within the next 60 months.  


The ERP system will enable both ongoing operations as well as multiple simultaneous construction projects.


The Aemetis carbon-sequestration project at the Riverbank site has received a permit to drill the CO2-sequestration characterization well to obtain samples of the subterranean formations in support of the EPA Class VI injection-well permitting process.


Due to the expansion of these businesses, Aemetis plans growth to more than $1.9 billion of revenues and $645 million of EBITDA in the fifth year of the Aemetis five-year plan.


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