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4Refuel rebrands to reflect agnostic fuel, alternative energy-distribution systems

Photo: 4Refuel

4Refuel, North America's largest mobile on-site refueling and fuel-management technology company operating for over 25 years, announced Aug. 11 that it has recently undergone a company rebrand to represent further its dedication to sustainable fuel-management solutions and an agnostic approach to energy delivery and mobile on-site refueling services.

“As a trusted North American energy distribution and logistics partner, 4Refuel has introduced core offerings beyond fossil-derived fuel products, and it continues to evolve its solutions as advanced-fuel engine-technology platforms are adopted within key commercial industries,” the company stated.

As the energy transition develops, 4Refuel said it has taken the necessary steps to ensure that its products and service offerings are turnkey solutions for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

The company now offers customers access to a suite of drop-in ready liquid biofuels and gaseous alternatives in addition to traditional fuel products—empowering businesses to choose the best energy mix for their unique requirements.

The company’s full spectrum of energy choices includes diesel, biodiesel, renewable diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), renewable natural gas (RNG) and hydrogen.

“As a company, we’ve invested in innovation where it strengthens our partnerships with our customers and advances the industries we serve,” said Larry Rodo, president and CEO of 4Refuel. “We’ve found that our customers are diversifying their fuel choices to make positive impacts on their environmental, social, and governance performance. In doing so, they need agility from their energy logistics and supply partners. This rebrand represents our commitment to sustainable fuel-management solutions as businesses look to decarbonize their operations.”

4Refuel’s latest service-capability upgrades such as GaaS (Gas-as-a-Service) feature the mobile on-site refueling service 4Refuel is known for, with new SWIFT™ proprietary dispensing technology integrations for applications powered by CNG, RNG and hydrogen.

4Refuel has additionally expanded design and build services to address emerging market demands for the development of alternative-energy infrastructure.

By establishing ComTech Energy by 4Refuel as the company’s renewable energy infrastructure division, 4Refuel said it is well-positioned to cater to the growing adoption of alternative fuels.

“4Refuel’s decision to rebrand demonstrates continued initiative in supporting businesses to save on fuel-management costs while they reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions,” the company stated.



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