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3 new companies join Michigan Advanced Biofuels Coalition

Evergreen Grease of Adrian, Michigan, is one of the new stakeholders in the Michigan Advanced Biofuels Coalition, which works to increase understanding and adoption of biodiesel and other advanced biofuels produced from soybean oil and other renewable resources. (Photo: The Michigan Soybean Committee)

The Michigan Soybean Committee announced May 23 that three new stakeholders have joined the Michigan Advanced Biofuels Coalition (MiABC).

Formed in 2022, MiABC works to increase understanding and adoption of biodiesel and other advanced biofuels produced from renewable resources such as soybean oil.

The new stakeholders are Evergreen Grease of Adrian, Michigan, and Ag Energy Transport and Stillwell Logistics, both of Buchanan, Michigan.

“These companies share a common goal of helping Michigan fleets and communities meet their carbon-reduction goals through use of renewable fuels,” said Hanna Campbell, demand specialist for Michigan Soybean Committee, one of MiABC’s founders. “Interest in advanced biofuels continues to grow in Michigan, thanks to the commitment of our stakeholders.”

Evergreen Grease, Ag Energy Transport and Stillwell Logistics are part of a family of companies that collects, processes, trades and transports fats, oils and greases (FOG) as feedstocks for biodiesel production.

A fourth company, Third Coast Commodities, is a FOG commodity trading group that is also an MiABC stakeholder.

Together, these companies represent key components in the supply chain that brings biomass-based diesel fuel to Michigan and beyond.

Evergreen Grease provides used cooking oil recycling and other services to 2,500 restaurants in Michigan and surrounding states.

The company uses nonchemical-separation methods to remove water and solids from the collected oil, resulting in a high-quality feedstock for efficient biodiesel production.

Part of Evergreen’s truck fleet runs on 100 percent biodiesel (B100) using the aftermarket Vector System from Optimus Technologies for smooth operations.

Ag Energy Transport is an over-the-road carrier that transports FOG and other nonhazardous liquid materials, including biodiesel and biodiesel feedstocks.

Stillwell Logistics is a third-party freight brokerage that meets bulk-transportation needs for its sister companies and other customers across the country.

Both Ag Energy Transport and Stillwell Logistics are women-owned companies.

“We believe in a greener future and creating a more well-rounded energy system that includes biodiesel,” said Matt Rosen, chief marketing officer for the four sister companies. “A strong Michigan biodiesel industry keeps jobs here in the state and benefits soybean farmers by keeping their products local.”

Evergreen Grease, Ag Energy Transport and Stillwell Logistics join 16 other stakeholders in MiABC.

By joining the coalition, these organizations signal their commitment to improving Michigan communities through heightened energy security, cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Funding for MiABC comes from Michigan farmers through the soybean-checkoff program.

For more information about biodiesel and MiABC, visit



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