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  • Dani Charles

2024: The Year Traceability Goes Global


As traceability requirements go global, so too must the solutions that support them.

For much of 2023, the U.S. market was the primary focus of renewable traceability.


This focus centered on U.S. EPA’s final rule, issued in June, which codified the need for renewable feedstocks like used cooking oil to be traceable back to their points of origin.


The rule also reaffirmed the use of third-party software, such as Veriflux, to maintain feedstock records, provided biofuel producers designate the software as a recordkeeping agent.


We at Veriflux predict 2024 will be the year traceability goes global.


There is already evidence to that effect: The registration deadline for Europe’s Union Database (UDB) was Jan. 1, which was also the date Canada’s Clean Fuel Regulations went into effect.


Both have traceability at their core.


Additionally, more book-and-claim systems are being launched, as the focus on maritime and aviation decarbonization continues to grow.


Here too, traceability is critical.


As traceability requirements go global, so too must the solutions that support them.


More than just operating globally—Veriflux is already in use in over a dozen countries, and I expect we’ll be in a dozen more by the end of 2024—it’s imperative that traceability solutions support and enable global operations.


At Veriflux, we call this enablement “bio-optionality”—giving our customers the ability to flexibly operate in and around global bio markets, while ensuring they can adapt to dynamic regulatory and compliance requirements.


Global traceability also means traceability and compliance solutions cannot be limited to one part of the supply chain.


Rather, they must extend to and support the entire bio lifecycle and value chain, from generation and collection to production and ultimately consumption.


We believe Veriflux is perfectly aligned for this 2024 reality.


In fact, we’ll have some exciting announcements on this front in the coming months—keep an eye on our website and on Biobased Diesel Daily®.


Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about Veriflux or get a sneak peek of what’s coming, send me a note.


From all of us at Veriflux, Happy New Year!


Author: Dani Charles

Co-founder, Veriflux




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