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VPS acquires Emsys Maritime, maker of marine emissions-measurement technology

VPS, a global marine fuel testing advisory company owned by Fremman Capital, has acquired Emsys Maritime, a real-time emissions-measurement company operating globally and based in Manchester, England.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

VPS is a market-leading fuel-testing, inspection, and advisory-services company in shipping, with laboratories located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Singapore; Houston, Texas; and Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates.

VPS tests marine fuels and lubricating oils, producing high-quality, reliable analytical data with further expert interpretation and advice, helping ship operators to run their vessels efficiently, optimizing fuel costs and reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

The acquisition of Emsys Maritime complements the growing digital decarbonization service offering from VPS, servicing a rapidly increasing demand from shipping customers.

“In Emsys Maritime, we have acquired a company with a strong technical capability and excellent reputation, helping us to deliver our ambition to be the leading service provider in fuel-performance optimization and emissions reduction,” said VPS CEO Malcolm Cooper. “The addition of real-time emissions-measurement data complements our existing marine fuel-analysis data to provide a comprehensive understanding of greenhouse-gas emissions in the maritime sector. The integration of real-time emissions monitoring into our existing portfolio of digital decarbonization services,” which currently includes Maress, NOxDigital, CORE and PortStats, “within a single, unified platform will provide added value throughout the VPS digital customer journey. This new flow of information will assist us in providing our customers with the tools required to understand, control and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, moving the industry forward toward achieving carbon emission-reduction targets for 2030 and beyond.”

Emsys Maritime is a market-leading manufacturer of real-time, laser-driven marine emissions-measurement technology.

Headquartered in the U.K. with an overseas operating hub in South Korea, the company’s customer base includes the world’s leading shipyards and ship operators.

Emsys Maritime’s unique technology is supported by a comprehensive digital-data platform that provides unique insights into the vessel’s real-time environmental profile allowing operators to maximize efficiency while maintaining regulatory compliance.

The recent introduction of the Emsys Analytics software platform has provided a comprehensive, real-world data stream to ship operators and charterers to help manage their ESG-reporting requirements.

Simon Brown, founder and managing director of Emsys Maritime, said, “Emsys Maritime was established to provide the maritime industry with the most accurate and reliable emissions-measurement tools to enable ship operators to manage their environmental and regulatory requirements and goals. The acquisition by VPS allows Emsys Maritime to accelerate its already strong growth into new market areas and customer sectors. The integration of our real-time data into the VPS digital decarbonization platform will create an industry-leading portal, which will help the wider shipping community on it journey towards net zero.”



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