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Neste, Compagnie Industrielle Maritime enable SAF supply to France

CIM's import terminal at Le Havre, France (Photo: Neste Corp.)

Neste and Compagnie Industrielle Maritime, part of Noven Group in France—a leading independent French group of companies providing oil storage and supply services—announced their collaboration Nov. 24 to enable the supply of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel™ (SAF) into France.

The collaboration enables fuel-marketing companies to comply with the French mandate for SAF, which has set a requirement to include a minimum of 1 percent SAF in jet fuel for all commercial flights from French airports in 2022.

CIM plays a major role in the energy-supply infrastructure in France and operates the biggest import terminal in Le Havre, France, to which SAF will be delivered by Neste for the local fuel suppliers.

From Le Havre, the blended SAF will be transported by the Trapil pipeline to airports where it will be used to fuel aircraft. Pipeline distribution reduces greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions of fuel transportation when compared to conventional logistics by tanker trucks.

Neste and CIM are committed to supporting and accelerating the transition of the aviation industry from conventional jet fuel use to SAF, which is widely acknowledged as a key element in helping achieve aviation’s ambitious emissions-reduction goals. The cooperation serves as an example of how different stakeholders in the aviation fuel supply chain are working together to achieve these goals. It also shows how existing infrastructure can be used to transport SAF, which works seamlessly with existing fueling infrastructure and aircraft engines.

“Sustainable aviation fuel is recognized globally as the most feasible option to significantly reduce aviation emissions in the near term,” said Jonathan Wood, Neste’s vice president of renewable aviation in Europe. “Through SAF mandates and partnerships like this in France, we will together drive the increased use of SAF and help build momentum in tackling aviation’s emission-reduction challenge. Neste is committed to contribute significantly as we are increasing our global SAF production capacity to 1.5 million tons per annum by the end of 2023. We have also announced the expansion of our Rotterdam renewables refinery.”

Olivier Peyrin, CEO at Noven Group, added, “CIM le Havre Terminal is a unique hub for aviation fuel in Northwestern Europe, with its deep-sea berths and Trapil and CEPS pipeline connections. We are strongly committed to supporting our customers and partners through the SAF deployment. Massive investments are made at our CIM Le Havre terminal to ensure the availability of dedicated infrastructures for renewable fuels like SAF and [renewable diesel], needed by the industry to succeed in the energy transition.”

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