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Mitsubishi, Eneos undertake joint feasibility study on SAF commercialization

Eneos Corp. and Mitsubishi Corp. have agreed to undertake a joint feasibility study aimed at commercializing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and other next-generation fuels in Japan, Mitsubishi announced April 18.

This study aims to build a supply chain for SAF, which requires cross-industrial collaboration, by leveraging both companies’ respective strengths. These include Eneos’ manufacturing technologies and distribution networks, together with Mitsubishi’s global expertise in raw-material sourcing and marketing capabilities.

After formulating a basic strategy that takes into account the maturity of various SAF manufacturing technologies and the necessary time for commercialization, Eneos and Mitsubishi will proceed with the study based on the following three approaches:

  1. Developing sustainable feedstock derived from biobased raw materials

  2. Producing SAF with newly emerging techniques

  3. Building a supply chain for next-generation fuels, with a focus on SAF

In the aviation industry, there is growing momentum towards the adoption of SAF in Europe and North America in order to align with the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation that will commence in 2027. This would drive growth of the SAF market on a global scale going forward.

In addition, the Japanese government has proposed a target to replace 10 percent of the jet fuels consumed by Japanese airlines with SAF by 2030. This makes establishing an SAF supply chain in Japan an urgent issue.

Eneos and Mitsubishi put a high priority on addressing climate-change issues, and both companies are actively promoting initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions with the aim of helping to achieve a decarbonized, circular society.

By proceeding with this study as part of the above efforts, Eneos and Mitsubishi will be steadily contributing toward the early establishment of a supply chain for next-generation fuels.



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