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iFuel AG signs direct agreement with Air Total

Photo: iFuel AG

iFuel AG has recently signed a direct agreement with Total Aviation, one of the most prominent fuel suppliers on the market.

As a young aviation fuel broker, iFuel AG is constantly in search of new suppliers to expand the range of options offered to its clients. The most recent agreement, and one of the most important iFuel has signed so far, is a direct supply agreement with Total Aviation.

Total Aviation is one of the world's biggest suppliers of aviation fuel in France, Europe and Africa. General aviation, business aviation, airports and airlineseach of these customers receives a personal service offer tailored to its needs. Total supplies 280 airlines in 300 airports around the world.

"We are very proud to announce that, in such hard times as the pandemic, iFuel managed to pair up with Total Aviation," said Rinad El-Rabaa, iFuel founder and CEO. "This direct agreement is a big step for us. It will open up a much wider range of fuel solutions for our clients and ensure that they always get the best deals, even from one of the biggest aviation fuel suppliers."

In related news, Total recently announced that, within the framework of its net-zero strategy, it will convert its Grandpuits refinery (France) into a zero-crude platform. By 2024, following an investment totaling more than 500 million euros, the platform will focus on four new industrial activities such as sustainable aviation fuels.

This goes hand-in-hand with iFuel's mission. The broker believes in the immediate need to make travel by air less harmful to the environment. Therefore, a direct agreement with one of the major fuel suppliers that is investing in aviation's sustainability will only help iFuel fulfill its mission.

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, iFuel has representative offices in Vienna, Barcelona, London, Moscow, and Dubai. The company focuses strongly on offering innovative IT solutions and providing both jet and sustainable fuel options for its clients.



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