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Ida idles Louisiana’s 2 renewable diesel production facilities

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Ida made landfall Aug. 29 in Port Fourchon, Louisiana, as a Category 4 hurricane. In preparation for the storm, most refineries in the region shut down, including the state’s two renewable diesel production facilities in Norco and Geismar.

Upon landfall, Ida made its way on a north-northwest path into the state, passing on the westside of Lake Pontchartrain, near Norco and Diamond Green Diesel, the 290 million gallon per year (mgy) renewable diesel plant owned by Darling Ingredients Inc. and Valero Energy Corp. The facility is undergoing a massive expansion to 690 mgy. Darling issued the following statement Aug. 29.

“In advance of Hurricane Ida’s landfall, Diamond Green Diesel was shut down in a safe and controlled manner. The safety of our workers, their families and surrounding community is the primary focus of shutting down and securing Diamond Green Diesel’s facility.”

Biobased Diesel Daily reached out to Darling to see what, if any, damage Ida brought to its plant and when operations may resume. Jim Stark with Darling said the company has no information to share at this time and, when appropriate, will issue an updated statement concerning Diamond Green Diesel.

As Ida continued its northward journey, it neared the vicinity of Renewable Energy Group’s Geismar renewable diesel production facility, which is also undergoing a major expansion from 90 to 340 mgy.

On Aug. 30, a day after landfall, Ida was downgraded to a tropical storm. REG CEO CJ Warner issued the following statement Aug. 30.

“The safety of our team members, their families and the community is our priority. In advance of Hurricane Ida’s landfall, our local team brought down the plant in a safe and secure manner. Now that the storm has passed, confirming the safety of REG personnel and assessment of equipment are underway.”

Katie Stanley, REG’s communications manager, told Biobased Diesel Daily that beyond Warner’s statement there was nothing more she could share at this time.



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