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Australian concrete company to trial renewable diesel with Ampol

Photo: Hanson Australia Pty Ltd.

Australian petroleum company Ampol announced Sept. 22 that it will conduct a renewable diesel trial with Hanson confirmed as its first customer partner.

Hanson is a building and construction-materials company with an extensive production and logistics network across Australia.

Ampol stated that the trial will allow it to get a practical understanding of the customer demand and market feasibility of renewable diesel in Australia.

Ampol will supply Hanson with a blend consisting of 20 percent renewable diesel and 80 percent ultra-low sulfur diesel in addition to its Ampol Amplify additives.

The announcement of the renewable diesel trial follows Ampol’s recent partnership with Japan’s largest oil company, Eneos, to explore the production of renewable fuels at the Lytton refinery.

Brent Merrick, Ampol’s executive general manager of international and new business, said the trial strengthens Ampol’s position as a leading supplier of world-class quality fuels.

“Ampol is proud of the role it plays in supporting our customers,” Merrick said. “We are acutely aware that our customers’ transport-energy priorities are shifting, and that partnering with industry leaders such as Hanson is vital in ensuring we continue to evolve. This renewable diesel trial is another step in our development of a renewable fuels business in Australia. The availability of renewable diesel, particularly for hard-to-abate areas, is of particular interest as it does not require vast fleet or infrastructural changes. Renewable diesel has an important role to play in the energy transition. We would like to thank Hanson for committing to this journey with Ampol.”

Phil Schacht, CEO of Hanson Australia, added, “This trial furthers Hanson’s commitment to CO2 reduction across the supply chain, with innovation being the key to our roadmap.”

The trial will start in the coming weeks and run for approximately two months.

An evaluation process will be executed prior to exploring a wider roll out to Ampol’s broader customer base.



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