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Vinci Airports continues deployment of sustainable aviation fuel at its facilities

Photo: Vinci Airports

Vinci Airports, operator of Saint-Nazaire Montoir airport in France, and Total Energies have joined forces to make sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) available at the airport platform.


The biofuel (before mixing) is produced in France by Total Energies from waste and residues from the circular economy, such as used cooking oils.


In its pure state, this biofuel allows a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 90 percent over the entire lifecycle compared to its fossil equivalent.


It is then mixed up to 30 percent with conventional fuel.


The SAF thus obtained therefore allows a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 27 percent overall.


It has the same specifications and technical certifications as conventional kerosene and can therefore be used directly in aircraft, without modifying the engines or infrastructure.


Airbus will use this SAF to refuel Belugas used for the daily transport of fuselage sections between its production plant in Saint-Nazaire and the assembly lines in Toulouse.


This fuel will also be used by the Airbus shuttle operated by Air Corsica transporting the manufacturer’s employees and subcontractors between Saint-Nazaire and Toulouse every day.


A pioneer in this area, Vinci Airports continues to deploy SAF in its network.


By offering it in several of its airports—Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble and Toulon, all in France—Vinci Airports is helping to limit the carbon impact of air travel on its network (scope 3), in parallel with actions carried out within the scope of its own activities (scopes 1 and 2).


“At Saint-Nazaire Montoir, we have reduced CO2 emissions linked to airport activity by 28 percent over the last three years,” said Xavier Lortat-Jacob, director of Saint-Nazaire Montoir airport. “This new sustainable aviation fuel offering continues Vinci Airports’ commitment to the decarbonization of air transport, because it allows action across the entire value chain.”



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