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Unifeeder, GoodFuels bunker marine biofuel in Port of Rotterdam under new partnership

Marine biofuel bunkering
Photo: GoodFuels

Marine biofuel supplier GoodFuels and Unifeeder, an international feeder and shortsea company owned by DP World, completed their first marine-biofuel bunkering in the Port of Rotterdam, the companies announced Oct. 7.

Under a new partnership, the shortsea container ship Elbsummer was bunkered with a blend of marine biofuel produced from 100 percent sustainable feedstock and marine gasoil before departing for Helsinki, Finland.

“This partnership demonstrates once again that solutions do already exist today to reduce emissions from shipping,” said Isabel Welten, chief commercial officer at GoodFuels. “Our marine biofuels respect the environment on all fronts, as they are sourced from feedstocks that are sustainable and do not compete with food production or cause deforestation.”

Timm Niebergall, shortsea director at Unifeeder, added, “Shortsea shipping already provides a greener alternative to inland transport, and GoodFuels’ sustainable biofuel is a meaningful solution that allows us to reduce our emissions in an immediate, significant, and measurable way.”

Unifeeder is working to fulfill a target of decarbonizing its fleet by 50 percent come 2040.



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