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Toyota Tsusho supplies biodiesel to vessels at Fukuyama, Hakata ports in Japan

Photo: Toyota Tsusho Corp.

Toyota Tsusho Corp. announced Oct. 24 that it supplied biodiesel fuel to the container liner Integrative Earth operated by Kambara Kisen Co. Ltd. at Fukuyama Port in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, for trial operations using marine biofuel this August and October.

The marine biofuel supplied to the container liner is, as in the previous trials, refined as part of the raw materials from waste cooking oil collected by Toyota Tsusho in cooperation with Daiseki Eco. Solution Co. Ltd. from the employee cafeterias and other facilities of the Toyota Group and Toyota Tsusho Group companies.

In the trial conducted in August, the practicality was confirmed through tests of combustibility, oxidation stability and other properties.

In the trial conducted in October, the biofuel-blending ratio was further increased, and changes in the same parameters will be measured.

This is Toyota Tsusho’s first biofuel-supply project in the Chugoku- Shikoku region.

In this region where the maritime industry is thriving, Toyota Tsusho aims to further expand this business, which contributes to the reduction of greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions, by utilizing its knowledge and experience, the company stated.

Photo: Toyota Tsusho Corp.

On Oct. 12, Toyota Tsusho announced it was awarded a contract for work in a trial for the usage of biodiesel fuel in a city-owned vessel operated by Fukuoka City in Japan and has begun supplying the biofuel to the vessel.

The purpose of the trial is to investigate any impact of using biofuel on ships for the reduction of CO2 emissions from ships in Hakata Port, where a carbon-neutral port is being created to promote decarbonization.

The first supply of biofuel took place Oct. 12 using ship-to-ship bunkering to the vessel for this trial, the marine clean-up vessel Kamome No. 2 owned by Fukuoka City.

Multiple supplies are planned during the trial period, which will continue until March 2024.

This was the first time for Toyota Tsusho to supply biofuel to marine gasoil ships.

Based on the knowledge gained through this trial, Toyota Tsusho will promote the use of biofuel for marine gasoil ships, in addition to its use for fuel-oil ships supplied to date.



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