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Sprague offers renewable diesel at Bronx terminal in New York City

Sprague's Bronx terminal (Photo: Sprague)

With a heritage spanning 150-plus years, Sprague announced Aug. 15 its latest step in meeting customer demands for lower-carbon fuels.

Sprague is now offering renewable diesel for both delivery and transport rack loading at its Bronx terminal, New York City’s largest storage and rack-loading facility. Sprague said it has championed advancements in transportation and heating fuels to reduce environmental footprints for its customers.

“As a natural progression, renewable diesel emerges as the next step in reducing emissions and embracing renewable energy without the need for costly investments in new infrastructure,” the company stated. David Glendon, president and CEO at Sprague, said, “We’ve always been committed to finding the best solutions for our customers. Renewable diesel aligns perfectly with our mission of providing cleaner, more sustainable energy options.”

Given its wide-ranging customer base, there is “palpable enthusiasm” surrounding the opportunity to diminish environmental impacts through the adoption of renewable diesel, according to the company.

“In the motion-picture industry, renewable diesel has been successfully used on the West Coast for years,” said Thomas J. O’Donnell, the president of Theatrical Teamsters Local 817. “Now, with Sprague being the first to offer it on the East Coast, our members would have the opportunity to operate their vehicles with a lowered emissions rate of up to 85 percent. This is a huge step not only for the motion-picture industry, but also the entire trucking industry toward achieving New York state’s climate goals.”

Sprague’s renewable diesel will enable customers to immediately reduce greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions and meet their sustainability goals.

“The New York League of Conservation Voters applauds Sprague for bringing renewable diesel to their Bronx terminal,” stated Julie Tighe, president of the NYLCV. “As the climate crisis grows more urgent by the day, it is increasingly important that we reduce our carbon emissions wherever and whenever possible, and since fuels are an important part of that mix, renewable diesel has an important role to play.”

Sprague added that, “Unlike some transition fuels that require extensive equipment and fueling-infrastructure changes, renewable diesel is a drop-in solution.”

James Hineson, the sustainability coordinator with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said, “The Port Authority has a longstanding commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and has taken concrete steps to reduce GHG emissions across its facilities. As we explore and implement best practices to achieve this goal, the use of renewable diesel has supported this effort with no operational impact.”

Furthermore, renewable diesel’s versatility and efficiency make it suitable for a range of applications, meeting both environmental and operational needs. It meets ASTM D975 specifications.

Sprague said its dedication to progress and sustainability is evident in its collaborations with other key partners like the Trucking Association of New York and Empire Clean Cities. “We congratulate Sprague for proactively taking this step toward a more sustainable future,” said Kendra Hems, president of the Trucking Association of New York. “It is an important steppingstone toward reaching New York’s goal of reducing transportation-related GHG emissions and supports the trucking industry’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.”

Joy Gardner, the executive director of Empire Clean Cities, shared a similar outlook. “New York City and Lower Hudson Valley’s Empire Clean Cities salutes Sprague on its continuing efforts to invest and supply lower-carbon fuels to the region. Making renewable diesel readily available will allow fleets an opportunity to significantly reduce GHG emissions of legacy diesel vehicles and will have an immediate impact on the air we breathe.”

While renewable diesel is currently available at the Bronx terminal, Sprague plans to expand its availability to other terminals as demand for the fuel increases.



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