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SkyNRG partners with CHOOOSE to launch SAF solution for airlines, travel cos.

With partners like Heathrow Airport, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, and Stuttgart Airport already on board, SkyNRG and CHOOOSE are launching a new carbon emission reduction solution called “Fly on SAF.” The solution enables airlines and travel companies to seamlessly integrate the offering of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and carbon offsets into their customer experience.

“Fly on SAF is the result of a successful partnership that shows how collaboration can push innovation forward,” said Theye Veen, managing director at SkyNRG. “Our goal is to change the way the world flies and make climate action easy and available for everyone. We need to work together within the travel industry to raise awareness and adoption of more sustainable ways to travel, and we therefore invite the industry to join the cause and help to increase our positive, collective impact.”

Travelers booking a ticket with an organization offering the solution can easily mitigate the carbon footprint from their flight. This enables the traveler to fly more sustainably by replacing fossil fuel with SAF, made from sustainable materials like used cooking oil and agricultural waste.

“Aiming to address the need for a sustainable return to travel, Fly on SAF provides everything airlines, airports, online travel agents, travel-management companies, and event organizers need to integrate trusted SAF solutions into the customer experience,” said Toina Ljøstad, head of products at CHOOOSE. “Enterprise-grade APIs are used to power carbon calculations and climate-compensation options at any digital checkout. It also includes a logged-in experience to track, report on, and analyze solution performance across all integrated channels. People don’t want to be bothered with a tedious purchasing process, so we needed to develop a process where people can reduce their footprint with just a few clicks, which is exactly what we did. The solution can be embedded on a partner’s website or integrated into the customer’s digital checkout process, and can be used for any airline and route, at any moment in time. The only input needed from the traveler is the flight itinerary.”

The traveler can pick any combination of SAF and carbon offsets they want to mitigate their footprint, and the solution will take care of the rest. They can also claim their positive impact through a personal account and track their progress over time. If a traveler wants to reduce their carbon footprint directly instead of going through a partner’s website, they can do so by visiting

Fly on SAF airport partners already include Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Stuttgart Airport, and Heathrow Airport. The first event partners include Eurosonic Festival and DGTL Festival.

“Besides reducing our performing artist’s CO2 footprint, DGTL will enable its 50,000 festival fans to reduce their travel footprint to and from the festival by using Fly on SAF,” said Mitchell van Dooijeweerd, sustainability manager at DGTL. “The calculator has been integrated on our website in our customized branding and allows our fans to take responsibility for their carbon footprint.”

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