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Neste opens 2 more renewable diesel cardlock stations in California

Photo: Neste Corp.

With an ambition to create a green fueling network on the West Coast, Neste Corp. has opened two additional 24/7 fueling stations in Central California dispensing its renewable diesel. Located near major freight routes, the stations are designed to accommodate commercial fleet vehicles of all sizes. The new cardlock locations in Central California take Pacific Pride cards and are operated by Van De Pol Petroleum, Neste’s authorized distributor. One station is in Stockton at 4407 E. Waterloo Road and the other is in Lodi at 351 Beckman Road. They join eight existing Neste-branded fuel stations in San Leandro, San Jose, Keyes, Ripon, Wasco, Buttonwillow and Shafter.

“Intensified by climate change, wildfires in California have taken lives, upended whole communities and are on track to cause $10 billion in damages,'' said Carrie Song, Neste vice president for renewable road transportation in North America. “This is unacceptable and shows the urgent need for California to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its transport system. Our goal is to give fleet operators an easy choice—keep running your vehicles on fossil diesel and contribute to a climate catastrophe, or switch right now to renewable diesel and help fight climate change and pollution.”

According to Neste, its fuel has replaced more than 1.6 billion gallons of fossil diesel under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, the equivalent of taking up to 3.9 million cars off the road per year.



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