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Munich Airport in Germany to offer sustainable aviation fuel in June

SAF, sustainable aviation fuel, biobased diesel
Photo: Munich Airport

After thorough technical testing, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will also be used to refuel aircraft at Munich Airport in Germany starting June 1. SAF can now be delivered, stored and refueled at Munich Airport, provided they meet the relevant quality specifications for Jet-A1 aviation fuel.

The tank farm, which is supplied with fuel by various oil companies on behalf of the airlines, is also permitted to receive deliveries of SAF blends. Munich Airport is the owner of the entire tank infrastructure, which extends from the tank farm by way of a 10-mile underground pipeline system to the aircraft parking positions.

Skytanking Munich GmbH & Co. KG is the operator of the tank farm and ensures the quality control over the delivered fuels. Operationally, Skytanking is responsible for aircraft fueling, together with other fuel service providers.

“By approving our refueling facilities for sustainable aviation fuel, we are enabling airlines to reduce their CO2 emissions on flights from Munich,” said Jost Lammers, CEO of Munich Airport. “We expect the share of these sustainable fuels in total energy consumption in aviation to increase continuously in the coming years.”

Albert Füracker, chairman of the airport’s supervisory board and Bavaria’s minister of finance, said, “Bavaria’s aviation hub is thus sending a clear signal for sustainability and climate protection in air transport. I hope that many airlines will take advantage of the opportunity to refuel their aircraft with lower-emission fuel in Munich and thus contribute to climate-friendly mobility.”

The SAF will be blended with conventional jet fuel at 35 percent.



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