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Mitsubishi invests in Swedish Biofuels to commercialize ‘fully formulated’ SAF

Swedish Biofuels AB announced in late February an investment by Mitsubishi Corp. to jointly accelerate commercial deployment of what the company calls fully formulated sustainable aviation fuel (FFSAF) using Swedish Biofuels’ advanced alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) technology.

The technology produces so-called FFSAF from a variety of biogenic feedstocks.

Swedish Biofuels says its FFSAF is “different from other SAFs, as it is not a blend component but ready-to-use, real jet fuel.”

The company said its FFSAF has been tested successfully by engine manufacturers under the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Swedish FMV (defense materiel administration) programs.

“Swedish Biofuels is now leading the way with the world’s first advanced ATJ technology, targeting the complete replacement of fossil jet fuel by FFSAF,” the company stated.

Angelica Hull, managing director of Swedish Biofuels, said the company “is honored by Mitsubishi Corp.’s investment decision, which provides an exceptional strategic partnership for Swedish Biofuels, including access to feedstock, sales support, marketing and commercial operations. With this partnership, the company expects to accelerate the deployment of its advanced ATJ technology in its home market and beyond.”

Mitsubishi is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses across virtually every industry including natural gas, industrial materials, petroleum and chemicals, mineral resources, industrial infrastructure, automotive and mobility, food, consumer industries, power solutions and urban development.

Stockholm-based Swedish Biofuels calls itself “the inventor of the original ATJ technology, patented in 2004.”



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