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Meriaura leverages its own marine biofuel to reduce 2022 emissions by 11%

Photo: Meriaura

Savosolar announced March 14 that the company’s subsidiary Meriaura reduced its ships’ emissions by 11.2 percent during 2022 compared to the previous year.

The Finland-based shipping company has been working in the development of low-carbon sea transport for years, according to Savosolar, and this drop in its ship emissions last year proves the work is paying off, the company said.

“The most important measures to achieve emission reductions are setting clear goals that are monitored and reported, focusing on operational efficiency and economical driving”—or operating vehicles in such a way that can help reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and fuel consumption—“and the increasing use of renewable fuels.”

According to Beppe Rosin, CEO of Meriaura, the shipping company will continue to invest in new low-emission vessels and increase the use of its own biofuel, VG Marine EcoFuel, on its ships.

VG EcoFuel Ltd. is a member of the Meriaura Group and “produces environmentally sustainable and climate-friendly bio oils,” the company states on its website. “VG EcoFuel is produced of bio and recycled oils. VG EcoFuel is raw material for technical oils, such as lubricants, mold oils, chainsaw oils, hydraulic oils, and for biodiesel. We also produce biofuel for marine use … The commodities of VG EcoFuel are completely derived from industrial side streams and recycled materials. We exploit side streams of the foodstuff industry, such as crude fish oil, in our production, along with already once utilized vegetable oils. For these reasons we guarantee 60 percent to 97 percent higher greenhouse-gas saving potential for VG EcoFuel compared to fossil fuels. Our production is audited by DNV GL and has a sustainability system certificate.”

In 2022, Meriaura managed to reduce emissions per ton of transported cargo per nautical mile by 7.8 percent for the bulk fleet and 20.6 percent for deck cargo ships.

“At the same time, Meriaura was able to grow and make a very good financial result, which emphasizes the importance of the achievement, as emissions usually increase in times of high market activity,” the company stated.

Jari Varjotie, CEO of Savosolar, said, “This emission reduction tells of the motivation behind the merger between Meriaura and Savosolar. The goal of the merged company is, in addition to profitable growth, to support and accelerate the green transition of our customers. In marine logistics, it happens by developing even lower-emission transportation and in renewable energy by offering and delivering industrial-scale clean-energy solutions. United, we are able to advance in both areas stronger and faster than before.”

Rosin added that Meriaura exceeded the emission-reduction goals the company set for last year.

“The digital applications we have developed are a significant help in planning the optimal use of vessel capacity and in verifying the emission reduction,” Rosin said, adding that the company will offer even lower-emission sea transportation to its customers in the future.

Savosolar stated that the most important motive behind the merger of Savosolar and Meriaura last year was to build a company that can accelerate the green transition in both business areas and help its customers achieve their emission-reduction goals.

In addition to financial goals, the company is now setting strategic goals for effectiveness—in other words, how much the company is able to reduce emissions in its own operations and those of its customers.

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