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Illinois Soybean Association hosts state lawmakers to discuss B20

Illinois Soy, biodiesel, biobased diesel, B20
Photo: Illinois Soybean Association

Illinois Soybean Association staff hosted various state legislators in April at the DuPage Forest Preserve, a B20 Club member, to discuss how biodiesel can reduce emissions, help the state economy, and promote energy independence. Policymakers on hand included state Reps. Janet Yang-Rohr, Michelle Mussman and Anne Stava-Murray, and state Sens. Laura Ellman and Suzy Glowiak-Hilton from DuPage County and the Chicago suburbs.

In addition, state Rep. Eva-Dina Delago met with ISA at the Chicago Park District, another B20 Club member, to discuss biodiesel policy.

ISA staff helped educate the legislators on the environmental and economic impacts of B20, and the state policies that promote biodiesel use.

Earlier this year, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker released a balanced budget proposal for the state in which he proposes to “close corporate loopholes” to save the state nearly $1 billion. One of these “corporate loopholes,” as the governor calls them, is a successful fuel sales tax exemption for blends of biodiesel 11 percent or higher. The governor’s plan hopes to “accelerate the expiration of exemptions for biodiesel” to save $107 million. Click here to read Biobased Diesel Daily Editor Ron Kotrba’s letter to the editor published by the Chicago Sun-Times on the governor’s proposal.

The Illinois legislature also has a bill under consideration, HB229, which creates a Renewable Fuel Standards Act in Illinois requiring a minimum percentage of biodiesel in diesel fuel and incentivizes higher biodiesel blends.



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