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Green Energy Biofuel brings back holiday UCO recycling drive to benefit kids

used cooking oil recycling, South Carolina, grease
Green Energy Biofuel offers grease recycling opportunities in more than 45 counties and school districts across South Carolina, as well as several more in North Carolina and Tennessee. (Photo: Green Energy Biofuel)

Green Energy Biofuel, a South Carolina-based company that collects and processes waste greases and used cooking oil for conversion into climate-friendly renewable fuels for more than 70 percent of county recycling centers in its home state, is incentivizing residents to drop off their kitchen grease at one of a growing number of these county collection sites.

The company offers grease recycling opportunities in more than 45 counties and school districts across South Carolina, as well as several more in North Carolina and Tennessee (for more information click here).

“We have a total of over 430 drop-off locations throughout these three states where residents and schools can safely and easily dispose of their used cooking oil for free,” said Green Energy Biofuel founder and CEO BioJoe Renwick. “It is so exciting to see the significant impact people have made on the environment with their efforts. Looking back since we started the cooking oil recycling programs for county recycling centers and schools, these communities have helped divert over 4.6 million pounds of unwanted kitchen grease from adding to their local landfills and wreaking havoc on the environment and sewage systems. Just think of the difference we can all make as more people discover that they can actually recycle their waste!”

Not only does recycling help keep grease out of landfills, sewer systems and septic tanks, saving homeowners and taxpayers millions of dollars, but it also helps sustain earth-friendly energy sources such as biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuels. These biofuels, particularly when produced from waste materials like used cooking oil, can cut carbon emissions by more than 80 percent compared to petroleum fuels—benefitting the world’s children and future generations.

But if South Carolinians up their grease-recycling game now, another bonus for their children—one beyond the long-term play of mitigating climate change—can be experienced much more immediately.

For the county whose residents drop off the most kitchen grease between Nov. 15, 2021, and Jan. 15, 2022, Green Energy Biofuel will clean and sanitize an area playground of the county’s choosing—a service valued at more than $1,500. Lexington County had its Virginia Hylton Park cleaned and sanitized when the county won last year’s contest.

Another perk for recycling household cooking oil is that for every gallon collected, 25 cents is earmarked for Green Energy Biofuel’s BIO4EDU program, which the company created in 2012 to provide educational opportunities, internships, biodiesel processing equipment, and sponsorships to local schools and colleges.

“Every drop of the cooking oil that residents drop off is put to good use,” Renwick added. “You can make a huge impact just by making small changes in how you dispose of your waste, but we need your help.”

Enjoy the holiday season and feasts with family and friends, and then be sure to drop off all leftover grease to designated recycling centers. Not only is it great for the environment, but it is also greatly benefiting local children, schools, and the community.


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