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Grön Fuels project developer Fidelis establishes European headquarters in Denmark

Houston, Texas-based Fidelis New Energy LLC, developer of the large Grön Fuels renewable diesel project in the Port of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is expanding into Europe with the establishment of a European headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company has appointed Ulrik Dan Weuder as managing director of Fidelis Europe and Lotte Kemplar as the branch’s general counsel.

Dan Weuder

Dan Weuder has more than 25 years of experience in planning, investing and managing large infrastructure and complex equity investments. Lotte has 15-plus years of experience as a legal professional with experience in deal structuring and infrastructure transactions.

“Ulrik and Lotte are not only close friends with whom we have worked for years, they are seasoned Europe-based infrastructure-investment professionals and leaders who will also contribute to the global Fidelis vision and strategy,” said Dan Shapiro, Fidelis CEO and co-founder.


Bengt Jarlsjo, co-founder of Fidelis, added, “Being born and raised in Scandinavia, I am pleased we have selected Denmark as the headquarters for Fidelis Europe and appointed Ulrik and Lotte to lead that expansion. With our partners in the region, we see great potential for projects within our strategy in Scandinavia and Europe as a whole. Our European presence will also enhance our continued collaboration with our Scandinavian and European technology partners as we continue to advance transition infrastructure assets across our portfolio.”

Fidelis is an infrastructure firm that develops, delivers, invests in, owns, and operates climate-impact infrastructure focusing on four sectors: renewable fuels, carbon management, clean hydrogen, and renewable power.



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