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Foundation for Soy Innovation awards 2022 scholarships

The Foundation for Soy Innovation continues to support the future of soybeans with the selection of Sydney Stundebeck and Randi Noel, both of the University of Missouri-Columbia, for the 2022 Soy Innovation Scholarship.

The scholarship will help fund the education and research conducted by these two individuals working to solve problems farmers are facing.

The scholarship serves as an investment into the future of the soybean innovation and empowers those working to further the soybean industry.

“The investment in future generations of agriculturalists and innovators is critical to the future state of soy,” said Matt McCrate, chairman of the foundation. “One of the main goals of the Foundation for Soy Innovation is to support students interested in the soybean sector to aid in enhancing the soy value chain.”

The farmers behind the Foundation for Soy Innovation support early-career faculty and students in their work across industry through this scholarship program, established last year. Scholarship funds may be used for coursework, supplies, training and/or professional conferences.


Stundebeck is an agribusiness management student with dual minors in plant science and science and agricultural communications. Stundebeck is pursuing a career in agricultural sales to serve producers and help them run a profitable operation.

“In the soybean sector, agricultural innovators are consistently working on breeding programs and developing cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency, so farmers can do more with less,” said Stundebeck. “If I can put this technology into the hands of farmers as a salesperson, I will ultimately be playing a role in improving the bottom line for Missouri soybean producers.”

Stundebeck plans to leverage these funds to participate in more opportunities outside of her academic programming. She will use this scholarship to attend agricultural conferences including Commodity Classic where she is assisting the American Soybean Association. Stundebeck served as one of Missouri Soybeans’ policy and producer outreach interns in 2022.


Noel is pursuing her Ph.D. in plant sciences to learn more about agricultural and environmental systems. Through her program, her goal is to find ways in which these systems work symbolically rather than in opposition to improve global food security.

Noel is using the scholarship awarded to sponsor her trip to Modesto, California, to compete in a soil-judging contest with the Missouri soil-judging team, the Missouri Menfros.

“The California Central Valley, where our contest is held, produces more than 250 crops and is estimated to contribute 25 percent of the nation’s food supply,” said Noel. “That alone makes this an invaluable opportunity that I can now take advantage of thanks to the generosity of the Foundation for Soy Innovation.”

Noel is planning to conduct research on how liquid smoke impacts the soil and affects soybean viability.



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