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Fenix transitions Port of LA equipment to renewable diesel, biodiesel blend

Photo: Fenix Marine Services

Fenix Marine Services in the Port of Los Angeles has made what it says is one of the largest commitments to environmental sustainability in the maritime sector by fully transitioning its fleet of more than 300 pieces of container-handling equipment from petroleum diesel fuel to a blend of 80 percent renewable diesel and 20 percent biodiesel (RD80).

“This blend has proven to provide the best environmental footprint while minimizing transition costs and time,” the company stated.

According to Fenix, the company has secured a long-term commitment to supply its total fuel demand with the RD80 mix and has made this environmentally friendly commitment to sustainability voluntarily, well before future regulations may require such moves.

“Future technologies for low or zero-emissions equipment are still under development,” said Sean Pierce, president and CEO of Fenix. “Renewable diesel allows Fenix to grow responsibly while continuing innovation partnerships for new electric and hydrogen technologies.”

Fenix noted that carbon intensity of the RD80 fuel blend is as low as, or lower than, battery-electric equipment and reduces particulates by 90 percent, NOx by 70 percent and completely eliminates sulfur emissions.

The fuel switch, which the company says is effective immediately, also includes smaller diesel-powered support vehicles.

Incorporation of the RD80 fuel is the company’s latest in a series of sustainable endeavors, which, according to Fenix, include replacing or repowering more than 50 older pieces of equipment with the latest emissions control technologies, including hybrid and hydrogen fuel cells; purchasing renewable energy credits for electrical supply; and more.



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