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DHL, Prada Group contribute to more sustainable air freight with SAF

Photo: DHL

DHL Global Forwarding announced April 11 the first investment of the Prada Group in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) credits, utilizing DHL Global Forwarding’s GoGreen Plus service.


By leveraging sustainable fuels, DHL Global Forwarding is able to support customers in effectively reducing their transport emissions from air freight.


Already in 2023, the partnership with DHL allowed Prada Group to save approximately 4,500 metric tons of CO2e, which would correspond to 7 percent of the group’s total transport-associated emissions.

As of today, GHG Protocol—adopted by the Prada Group for its greenhouse-gas (GHG) inventory—does not take into account reductions from SAF purchased for scope 3 via book and claim.

Therefore, emissions saved are not included in the total carbon-footprint calculation.


Today SAF is one of the most effective ways to decarbonize the aviation industry, allowing for a reduction of GHG emissions by at least 80 percent compared to conventional aviation fuel.


The fuel itself is produced from waste sources, such as used cooking oil and food waste.


DHL follows an insetting approach, utilizing sustainable fuels to reduce emissions directly at the source.


Air carriers use sustainable biofuels on behalf of DHL, leading to reductions in emissions.


These emission reductions are transferred to DHL, which then allocates them to the shippers in the form of certificates.


“In today’s world, it is crucial to establish a clear roadmap for decarbonization that involves carriers, SAF manufacturers, regulators and customers,” said Mario Zini, the managing director of DHL Global Forwarding Italy. “We are proud that Prada Group has chosen to leverage the expertise of DHL Global Forwarding to form a partnership that we believe will drive the much-needed change forward.”


The SAF utilized by DHL for the Prada Group is certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification System.


This certification guarantees that the fuel is produced in compliance with rigorous sustainability standards.


ISCC is an independent initiative and renowned certification system that promotes sustainable, traceable, deforestation-free and climate-friendly supply chains.


It covers various materials including sustainable agricultural biomass, biogenic wastes and residues, nonbiological renewable materials and recycled carbon-based materials.



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