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Deutz approves paraffinic diesel fuels for use in all TCD engines, B30 for select models

Deutz's TCD 3.6L engine (Photo: Deutz AG)

German engine maker Deutz AG has approved its entire TCD engine portfolio for use with paraffinic diesel fuels, which means alternative fuels such as renewable diesel can now be used to run Deutz engines that meet the EU Stage V emissions standard. The company has also approved a majority of its latest-generation engines, particularly those smaller than 4 liters as well as engines above 8 liters, for methyl ester biodiesel blends up to 30 percent (B30).

“Paraffinic diesel” includes gas-to-liquid and hydrotreated vegetable oils (renewable diesel), according to the EN 15940 specification.

“As a mid-term solution, we think that you will also find ‘refuels’ or ‘e-Fuels,’ which are produced by renewable electricity and CO2 from the air or from CO2-rich industrial processes, in the market,” Markus Winkler, a senior advisor with Deutz, told Biobased Diesel Daily. “So, we have now a solution that our customers can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their existing engine fleets.”

Frank Hiller, chairman of the board with Deutz, said, “The fuel approvals show once again that we are pioneers of carbon-neutral drive systems for off-highway applications. This represents another big step forward for us in our ‘Taking Responsibility’ sustainability strategy.”

According to the engine maker, not only is the approval of these fuels helping to fulfill its environmental responsibilities, but it also demonstrates that Deutz is doing more to further the social aspects of its sustainability work. “This is reflected in the [environmental, social and corporate governance] rating that Deutz recently received for the first time from the leading rating agency, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS),” Deutz stated. “Deutz was awarded a good C+ rating and Prime status, which puts it among the top 20 percent of its sector peers.”

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