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Cavitation Technologies receives new purchase order from repeat US customer

Cavitation Technologies Inc. (CTi) announced May 11 that Desmet Ballestra Group NV, CTi’s strategic partner since 2010, has completed another round of sale orders for proprietary Nano Reactor® systems for vegetable oil refineries in the U.S.

Desmet Ballestra, a world leader in edible oil and biofuel processing, was recently acquired by Alfa Laval, a leading global provider of first-rate products in the areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. This acquisition has helped to accelerate CTi’s plans to expand the international reach of its innovative technology across a variety of edible oil refining sectors.

The demand for the edible-oil industry has historically grown at more than 5 percent per year, even during periods of global economic instability. This is because crude oil extracted from soybeans needs further treatment to convert it into a bland, stable and nutritious product that is used in the manufacture of a variety of products including margarine, shortening, salad and cooking oil, mayonnaise, food products, and oleochemicals.

CTi’s proprietary technological solutions are built around a solid core of design procedures that effectively addresses many attributes in the field of crude vegetable oil refining. The company’s Nano Neutralization™ patented technology and its proprietary patented processes provide many advantages and proven savings for edible oil refineries.

The current U.S. purchase order for multiple reactors has processing capacities that are designed to process more than 3,200 tons per day (tpd) of crude vegetable oil—significantly increasing the efficiency of operations while mitigating the environmental impact for the oil refining industry. Some of the most noteworthy benefits of the reactors include a 0.3 to 1 percent oil yield increase, 90 percent less excess phosphoric acid, 30 to 50 percent reduction of caustic soda, lower soaps at the primary phase of separation, and finally low- to zero-silica consumption.

“Our patented technology was built in the United States,” said Roman Gordon, CTi’s global technology officer. “The vegetable oil refinery market around the world has an extreme need for technological evolution, allowing more opportunities for our proprietary technology. Our Nano Neutralization® Systems have shown time and time again that they can outperform conventional methods. This is where next-generation processes can help to fulfill the call of action demanded of the traditional vegetable oil processing industry. With higher yield and lower operating costs, cavitation technology helps to improve oil quality while using fewer chemicals, less adsorbents, and no water washing ever—significantly increasing both yield and sustainability.”

The Nano Reactor® is designed to refine various edible vegetable oils such as oil, soy, canola, sunflower and palm oil, and even tallow. The process and system offer enhanced performance, lowered operating expenses, reduced environmental impact, exceptional oil quality, improved shelf life, and reduction of up to 90 percent of the harsh chemicals used in the conventional edible vegetable oil refining process.


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