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Carinata now a listed feedstock for CORSIA sustainable aviation fuel


A recent update by the International Civil Aviation Organization now includes carinata as a renewable fuel feedstock with a similar greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint as waste and residuals, like used cooking oil.

“For sustainability being categorized with waste is a very good thing,” said Glenn Johnston, Nuseed carinata global regulatory lead. “The ICAO update demonstrates that carinata can reach GHG savings on par with waste. Plus, Nuseed carinata has the advantage of being a purpose-built, drop-in solution, with consistent quality and scalable production through existing infrastructure to help supply the rapidly growing global demand for renewable fuel.”

ICAO recently published the first update since 2019 of its Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation Default Life Cycle Emissions for Eligible Fuels.

“The CORSIA implementation element update shows the potential for Nuseed Carinata oil as a low GHG renewable feedstock into the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) market,” Johnston said. “Further affirmation like this by international UN bodies provides supportive framework that regenerative agriculture can reach GHG savings that are on par with waste and residuals.”

Growing Nuseed carinata as a cover crop has regenerative agriculture benefits, including slowing the velocity of runoff from rainfall and snowmelt, plus reducing soil loss due to sheet and rill erosion. A cover crop regimen with Nuseed carinata will increase soil organic matter, leading to improvements in soil structure, stability, and increased moisture and nutrient holding capacity for plant growth. Nuseed carinata, grown between crop rotations, avoids displacement of food crops and does not increase land use while providing a low and scalable GHG feedstock solution for SAF.



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