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Alaska Airlines partners with CHOOOSE to support growth of SAF market

Photo: Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines announced Nov. 17 it is partnering with climate-tech company CHOOOSE to provide new options for sustainability-minded guests to take action on their travel-related carbon emissions by purchasing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) credits or supporting nature-based climate projects.

A banner on the reservations-confirmation page invites guests to learn more about the carbon emissions generated by their own prior or upcoming travel (with emission calculations based on the International Air Transport Association’s carbon-emissions methodology).

Guests can choose between SAF credits or from certified nature-based projects in geographies where the airline flies, such as Doyon Native Community Forest Project, Freres Biochar, The Guatemalan Conservation Coast, and more.

Alaska Airlines is also rewarding guests who purchase a certain amount of SAF credits (i.e., SAF environmental attributes) with Elite Qualifying Miles, as part of the airline’s year-end elite-status promotions, further reflecting its emphasis on scaling and leading the advancement of SAF.

Now through Dec. 31, Alaska Mileage Plan members will earn 500 EQMs per $100 of SAF credits purchased (with a 5,000 EQM limit).

These funds will go toward the purchase and use of SAF while providing a sustainability-focused way to reach that year-end mileage target and earn elite status for the year ahead.

“We know that reaching our sustainability goals—including net-zero carbon emissions by 2040—will require investment and action on all fronts, and that sustainable aviation fuel presents our best opportunity to take a leap forward on this journey,” said Diana Birkett Rakow, Alaska Airlines’ senior vice president of public affairs and sustainability. “But today, there isn’t enough SAF to meet demand—and we need to bring its cost down by creating scale. That’s why, in addition to purchasing and using SAF, building partnerships and advocating for public policy support, we’re inviting our guests to join us—to learn more about SAF, to invest in its development and to help us grow supply for the future. We’re excited to link this work to our loyalty plan, helping guests get closer to that next elite tier, in partnership with a creative innovator like CHOOOSE—and we look forward to building on this platform.”

Alaska Airlines has been a leader in advancing the market for SAF and was the first commercial U.S. airline to fly multiple routes using the alternative fuel in 2011.

But there is still not enough SAF to support the industry’s operational needs, and that must change to meet the goals the industry has set.

Since 2010, Alaska Airlines has worked with a coalition of partners to advance SAF, which produces up to 80 percent lower carbon emissions than traditional jet fuel, on multiple fronts including:

  • An agreement to purchase 185 million gallons of SAF from Gevo, and an additional SAF purchase agreement with Aemetis

  • An agreement with E-Jet® company Twelve to collaborate on and execute the first commercial flight powered by E-Jet® fuel produced using recaptured carbon

  • An agreement with Shell Aviation to expand the SAF market while working together to deepen the understanding of the technology, infrastructure, carbon-accounting systems and public-policy support needed to scale supply

  • Partnerships with companies like Microsoft and others to reduce emissions from business travel

This step is part of Alaska Airlines’ continued sustainability strategy, the company’s “EverGreen journey,” and includes immediate actions and long-term investments to reduce the carbon emissions of its operations, minimizing waste, and protecting local ecosystems.



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