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Air Liquide selected for development of Lighthouse Green Fuels project in UK

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction has been awarded an engineering package by Alfanar to support the development of the Lighthouse Green Fuels project located in Teesside, U.K.

The Lighthouse Green Fuels project is one of the first projects underway in the U.K. aiming to convert biogenic and nonbiogenic solid wastes and residues into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on a large scale.

As part of the agreement, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction will provide the license, basic engineering and front-end engineering and design (FEED) for the new plant with its innovative and well-referenced syngas-cleaning, hydrogen-purification and carbon-capture (RECTISOL™) technologies.

The facility will process around 1 million metric tons of wastes and residues into SAF each year.

The plant is expected to enter commercial operation in 2028 and to fuel the equivalent of more than 25,000 short-haul or 2,500 long-haul flights a year.

“This innovative development for waste processing into SAF at industrial scale is driven by Air Liquide’s strong technology know-how, expertise and operational capabilities to develop innovative and customized solutions for its customers to support the energy transition,” the company stated.

Bruno Ponson, vice president of Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, added, “We are pleased to support our customer, Alfanar, to develop their innovative sustainable fuel project in the U.K. This project is yet another example illustrating our expertise and broad technology portfolio to accompany our customers in decarbonization efforts in both industry and mobility sectors.”

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